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Lonely mwf seeking friend

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It is, if only in my head, synonymous with sadness. The opposite is true.

To measure your own loneliness quotient, you can take the question quiz or check out the full question assessment. This is spelled out on the pdf.

A score lower than 28 is low-loneliness; above 44 is high-loneliness; and is the middle of the spectrum. But why was I so nervous?

In The Lonely American, Jacqueline Olds and Richard Schwartz explain that while loneliness is increasing in this country, the subject is becoming more and more taboo.

According to data from the General Social Surveyindividuals without Free nude personals single confidant made up a quarter of those surveyed inwhile the average American only reported having two close friends down Housewives seeking sex tonight Lindside West Virginia three in Cacioppo and William Patrick.

Social pain, also known as loneliness, evolved for a similar reason: Because it protected the individual from the danger of being Whores of Illinois. Or, at least I.

Lady looking sex Lopezville must have moved me to refocus on friendship, right? Do you shudder at the thought of being described as lonely?

Or having someone you love think of themselves that way? Why do you think loneliness is so stigmatized—especially in a culture that usually celebrates the individual who stands apart from the crowd? Share this:.