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The Bicol Surf Jam

The Bicol Surf Jam is a surfing competition to be held at 3 venues in the bicol region . It is the first regional surfing circuit of its kind to be held in the philippines .

The idea originated from the bagasbas beach surfing community and with help from there friends in the Sorsogon and Catanduanes surfing communities The Bicol Surf Jam was born .

The Bicol Surf Jam

The Bicol Surf Jam

The surfers from the bicol region have always had great love and respect for each other and always join together when at competitions all over the philippines .

That was the main aim and idea to make The Bicol Surf Jam , to bring together the local surfers of Camarines Norte , Camarines Sur and Catanduanes . To compete on our own bicol beach’s starting first in Daet .

Dates Of The Bicol Surf Jam

Bagasbas Beach on September 19-20 2015 .
Buenavista, Gubat, Sorsogon October 17-18 2015 .
Puraran, Catanduanes October 20-24 2015 .

The competition is open to all surfers from the bicol region and the surfer who gets the most points from the three legs will be the winner . But prizes are to be given after each leg with local and big national sponsors its going to huge.

The LGU’s from each area are pledgeing whole hearted support together with the Tourism, Infrastructure Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) . Aswell as national media coverage highlighting the excellent surfers of the province and promoting the area for tourism .

For me the surfers are a big asset to bicol tourism as most can speak english and are used to tourists . Most are trained in water rescue , life saving and 1st aid .

They also make the best tour guides because of that , coupled with there local knowledge of the weather the sea the fishing and the islands . They are the main ones who keep the beaches clean and safe for all too use .

Plus they have massive involvement in community teaching like the Surf To School Program . So we thank the LGU’s for there support and partnership and promotion of the local surfing talents and helping to make the event of The Bicol Surf Jam

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