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Education in Daet

Education in Daet can be learnt at public and private schools and colleges . Aswell as various other places to learn different skills and trades . We have a good choice of public and private schools some are religious orientated and there is one that teaches chinesse .

There is a good over all standard of [

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Kiteboarding Tour Season 2 Bagasbas Beach

Bagasbas Beach will hold the 4th Daet Kiteboarding Competition next week between february 13 – 15 2015 . This will be the start of the I.C.T.S.I. Philippine Kiteboarding Tour season 2 .

Initially the competition was scheduled for the first week of december but was cancelled due to a typhoon , lets hope the winds are [

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Bagasbas Beach Lifeguards

Bagasbas beach lifeguards are not just local surfers who wear t shirts with life guard written on them and pose around bagasbas beach .

Ok yes most of the lifeguards are locals and most of them are surfers too . When there on life guard duty they wear the t shirt with pride , and make [

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Zenaidas Palace

Zenaidas Palace hotel accomadation is a large and grand looking family home converted to accomadate guests .

Its located in the Bagasbas area of Daet and just a 2 minute walk away from Bagasbas Beach , which can be seen from some of the room balconies .

zenaidas palace bagasbas beach daet

Zenaidas Palace has plenty of [

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