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Swimming in Daet

Well apart from Bagasbas Beach there are many places for swimming in Daet . Of course Bagasbas is free and there are a few other places to swim for free in the rivers . But these are best kept for the locals as they know the waters so this leaves us with places you must pay .

Swimming in Daet

These other places for swimming in Daet are resorts and hotels a few are not really what you would call resorts , but just a few huts next to a river .

A lot of people with there friends and family , bring there own food and drinks . And use these places to swim as great picnic spots , all of the places allow this , although some charge a small fee .

Swimming Pool Swimming In Daet

Entrance fees vary from place to place but are about 40 php each and the hotels are open to non residents . Below is a list of the main places with swimming pools to swim in Daet.

  • Bel-Air Resort
  • Canimog Hotel
  • Pineapple Island Resort
  • Villa Mila Hotel
  • Wiltan Hotel

Please comment on your favourite place for swimming in daet to help me expand this rather short list . I will come back and update this page once i have a few photos and info .

Corrr all this typing , its hot here in Daet so im off to find a good place to swim

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