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Peso Exchange Rate In Daet

The Philippine peso exchange rate in daet centro at the money changers around bagasbas beach road traffic lights. As of february 2013 is about 40 to the dollor and about 62 to the british pound .

Where as PNB online remit gives about 42 to the dollor and 64 to the pound . I personally prefer to check the exchange rates on yahoo finance , which always shows about a few points more than what pnb will give you . I have added a currency converter to the bottom right of each page for you to use .

The New Philippine Peso

The New Philippine Peso

Its always best to send money from abroad if possible than to get cash money from the ATM where your get a lower rate and charges .

Fluctuations and variations accour when comparing between different places , and from day to day . Especially with the philippine economy and the rest of the financial world going mad !

Overall the exchange rate ranges 20% up to 20% down , so if you say 80 to the pound is the mid point , it could be 60 one year and 100 another year . When its up GREAT but when down not so great !

The last year 2012 it flatened out and remained 62 – 64 to the uk pound , im expecting it to rise to the late 60’s by the end of 2013 and steady at 70 ish for 2014 , but hey i could be wrong and hopefully it goes up to 100 again . wey hey more beer !

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