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Motoring Advice

Daet specific driving, buying and selling vechile ownership and general motoring advice. Driving or riding a motor bike around daet is a breeze compared to driving in manila, and its a lot slower but watch out for the tricycle drivers sudden turns !

Just observe the few traffic management signs and if your on a bike wear a helemt and thats about all you need to know to avoid traffic violations. You wont get stopped for no seat belt, swerving ? or for being a joe !

taking a tricycle is my best daet motoring advice

taking a tricycle is my best daet motoring advice

Daet Motoring Advice

Parking in the centro is a little bit of a problem at times so i advise to take your motor bike and helmet or take a tricycle . If you just want to nip in and out of a shop quickly your driver can double park some where normally.

If your going to Bagasbas Beach take extra water bottles to wash off the sand from your feet and close the windows to the beach side if its windy.

If your planning to go to Naga remember the road floods just before naga during typhoons, suv and vans can normally pass but cars wont. You could be stuck on the road side for a very long time !

If your coming from Manila To Daet plan a half way stop at Gumaca by the sea . An extra driver is advised or at least a co pilot to keep you awake !! If your planning a round trip manila to daet or vice versa 2 drivers are a must .

Buying And Selling A Car In Daet

Buying and selling a car in Daet is a bit hard as there isnt any car showrooms or dealerships here . There are a few used second hand cars for sale with a sign in the window but not many.

Buying a locally registered car is best as sometimes its hard to (transfer) register a car here that was registered in another province. You might find your have to do that in the province the car is registered .

The Land Transportation Office (L.T.O.) has a usefull text service to check the car you wish to buy . If you text the plate number after LTO VECHILE to 2600 you recieve a message straight back with details of the car like colour make model last registered and if theres any lto issues with the car . So if the number plate is abc357 text this lto vechile abc357 to 2600

Another tip is to look at the seat belts for a date tag from the manufacturers with serial part number . As the seat belt was fitted when the car was made this will give a good indication as to the age of the car . The date on the title might be the date it was imported in to the Philippines .

Clean Papers !

Its important to check the paper work as most cars are advertised with clean papers, but are not. It really isnt worth the hassle plus you could end up with a car you cant sell or worse the lto could seize the car , and your be out of pocket . Check the following originals;

(cr) Certificate of registration
(or) lto sticker + official reciept of payment
(dos)notorised original deed of sale
(tmg)police traffic management group clearance
(ins)endorsement of insurance company to new owner
(mvir)motor vechile inspection report form
(lto)confirmation of cr/or if from other province or lto
(tin)id of owner tin passport drivers license photocopy
(vin)vechile identity number/engine number match papers

Also check the car is fully paid off , to the hp agreement etc if any . One last thing to check is if its ever been spray painted especially if changed colour . Check the papers are correct .

More helpfull motoring advice can be found in the relevant blog catorgories to the top left , please leave comments and contact us . I fully intend to expand further on this subject in the future . Your help and motoring advice specific to Daet would be much appreciated .