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Micro Finance Program

There has been a micro finance program running for a while now , giving people the chance to start or improve there micro businesses right here in Daet .

The program operated by the municipal government is a good deal at 2% monthly interest payable over a 1 year period . Compared to the traditional 5 / 6 this is a much better way to get finance between p5.000 and p25.000 .

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Should further borrowing be needed they can help and connect you to the best places . Also they provide advice and learning to help your efforts succeed .

If you prove to be a regular payer and on time they are happy to lend to you again or more upto p25.000 .

This microfinancing is greatly helping families and Daet to stay above the poverty threshold of p231 income per family a day .

Daet has the best above poverty level in the whole of Bicol . Together with the grow your own food program the hard working people of daet are starting to make progress.

If this seems like a good idea to you head on down to the Daet Livelihood Development Center for some help and advice on cash money .

There is also a long time international microfinance company i know of which lends to pinoys called KIVA , your need to look it up and apply online though .

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