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Medical Needs in Daet

The place to find most of your medical needs in daet for doctors , dentists and pharmacy’s is in the centro at the jolliebee traffic lights . And along the bagasbas beach road , hospitals are a bit spread out though .

Daet is able to take care of most medical needs although for some more specialist treatments like cancer etc people go to Manila for consultants . Locals might be able to get help from the municipal check

Medical Needs In Daet

Medical Needs In Daet

Doctors And Dentists In Daet

Most doctor surgerys specialise in certain fields which i will try to list in the medical needs catorgory . Also it is not always necessary to have a perscription and the pharmacist’s are quiet helpfull so i advise you go there first .

We dont really see any medical tourists here as such but we do see tourists having medical and dental works done whilst on holiday ! Medical tourists can make an appointment when they arrive but its not really necessary here in Daet , just turn up and wait to be seen.

Dentist’s here are much cheaper than in Manila and of course much cheaper than abroad , so i advise all tourists to get there teeth seen to whilst here or just have them nicely polished .

My recomendation is DRA Jose Lim Guam at the traffic lights behind the traffic enforcement police hut , opposite jolliebee . This highly respeced lady dentist is very skilled and gentle.

Hospitals In Daet

The hospitals in Daet are small to medium size and are conviently dotted around the city . The “free” provincial hospital is on the Bagasbas road , the others are private dr owned hospitals .

All the hospitals are equipped and ready to recieve accident and emergency patients . Unfortunately like most of the philippines there is not an emergency phone number to call an ambulance .

Here in Daet tricycle or motorbike is the fastest way to get to hospital . Although nearly all the hospitals have there own ambulances to transfer you if needed its just a different system here.

Pharmacists In Daet

If your a foriegner on medication or know somebody on medication dont forget to take home some tablets (in moderation of course) as they are expensive abroad .

Ask for what we call original (branded) not the cheaper local ones if they ask you , as some times they offer same tablets but a cheaper brand ! OH and i would not take any ! zero nothing through the middle east , be careful to that !

Other Medical Needs In Daet

Other medical needs in daet you might wish to consider having include laser treament to scars and blemishes or a good massage or foot spa or have your ear syringed so you can hear again, WHAT ! You can even buy medical supplies like oxygen, wheel chairs etc from nearby central plaza.