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Manila to Daet

Travelling from Manila to Daet directly is done by road , either by car , rented van or bus . Unfortunately there are no flights from manila to Daet .

There used to be flights to Daet but they have withdrawn the service now . The nearest airport is 2 hours away in Naga , Camarines Sur.

Both Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific fly there , then just take one of the regular buses or vans from Naga to daet .

Manila to Daet Map

Manila to Daet Map

The aircon vans are the fastest method of travel from Naga to Daet but i personally like the ordinary bus , for the experience .

I like the fresh air , and the vendors that come on during the quick stop in Sipocot halfway through the jouney.

Plus there are many fruit sellers that jump on along the way . When you arrive there will be tricycles awaiting that should cost no more than 100 peso.

Buses Fares From Manila To Daet

The main Buses from Manila to Daet are Philtranco , Superlines and DLTB from both Pasay and Cabao . Prices are between 500 – 800 peso 7 – 10 hours one way depending on what service you take .

Hers is SUPERLINES PHONE NUMBERS – Daet (054) 571-2225 , Cubao (02) 414-3319 . And here are DLTB PHONE NUMBERS Pasay (632) 855-8040 (632) 855-8071 (632) 484-7449

You can try to search for the website bus service schedule and scroll down to the south bound schudule . For some reason there website keeps crashing so here is PHILTRANCO’S PHONE NUMBERS – Cubao (02)722-7567 , Pasay (02) 851-5420 , Daet (054)721-4350 . Or try there facebook here Philtranco

AC means air conditioned bus GS is the gold service and NAC is not air con normally referred to as the ordinary bus , be warned it can get very cold on the AC and GS !

The pasay bus service is nearer the airport and is safe to sit and wait for a few hours and is open 24hrs , theres also a jolliebee and other foods and snacks to be had there .

Airconditioned buses are like European National Express coaches or like greyhound buses with the Philtranco gold service being the most comfortable and it has a toilet onboard also .

For the smokers amongst you dont worry you will be able to have a quick fag every 2 hours or so , or take the ordinary bus , with livestock etc and smoke as much as you want , but be warned they are a lot slower .

Another thing to consider is to put your bag/suitcases inside at the back instead of in the hold , just in case of theft or flooding !!

The Best Way To Get To Daet From Manila Is To Drive

Driving to daet is the best way , either by own car or by hired van service. Just follow the Maharlika Highway south , theres only a couple of places to take a wrong turn , but your realise straight away .

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The distance from Manila to Daet is 370 km to drive and is best shared with another driver . Fill up at the gas station at Gumaca and swap drivers , also watch out and slow down for the train tracks here !

We normally have a break at Gumaca opposite the sea which is roughly halfway , and also up in the mountain in the national park , for some great photo opportunities with wonderful views and scenery .

The journey is long but enjoyable and your be pleased you came from Manila to Daet

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