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Legal Issues In Daet

For legal issues in Daet and the Philippines , the legal system is the same all over the philippines . Im not a lawyer so i wont even begin to try explaining how its supposed to work ! However there are several places to get legal advise or help from in Daet .

Legal Issues In Daet

Legal Issues In Daet

Barangay Tanod

The Tanods who are an assistant to the Barangay Captain , they live in the neighbourhood and know whos who and what goes on . In the night time they patrol and act as a kind of neighbourhood watchman , they are recognised by there waist coats .

Basically they enforce any curfews watch out for any trouble makers and burglers and make sure the drunks get home quietly and safely . There good people so say hello

Barangay Captain

The Barangay Captain is the locally elected person from the neighbourhood to be in charge of that Barangay , and barangay hall if there is one ! and appoints the tanods and other clerical assistants .

The position and responsibilities are varied but its a step on the political and legal ladders . Please dont believe the captains have no power and are just low level first step in the ladder ,there not ! (dont upset them during a basketball tournament lol sorry private joke!)

Its always best to keep on the right side of them , if you have any problems or legal issues you MUST go to them first .


The police station in Daet moved from the city in late 2010 to the outskirts of the city at the municipal hall . This has improved policing in and around Daet due to strategically positioned “out posts” . So now there are more police spread out and moving about .

We dont have those rude and ennoying corrupt police who pull your car over just to get money from you . ALthough they will catch you riding your motor bike with no helmet but thats fair enough , and they only seem to do that on the highway and through the centro , which again is fair enough , and there generally polite and do there best to serve and protect us .

Daet dosent have big business or mass tourism or is over run with foriegners (joes) so we dont have the usual crime thats associated with that . One word of warning though especially to the foriengers stay away from DRUGS .

There are many plain clothes police and guards that carry there guns . I once asked a friend of mine ” about plain clothes police and guards , like do they have power if they are not on duty are they allowed to tell us what to do ?” his reply was “yes they have a gun !”


There are a few notary offices mainly around the Rizal Monument and the P.N.B. bank . These are great places to go for free legal advise and for the services of drafting legal paper works like contract of sale and rental agreements

Its so cheap its always best to cover yourself by these legally binding bits of paper . Again i must state im not a lawyer but in basic terms this is where i would go first before going to a lawyer .


There are several lawyers offices again situated mainly between the Rizal Monument and the P.N.B. bank . unlike in big city’s where there is a huge difference in quality and cost of lawyers , here in Daet there all pretty much the same . Now of course the lawyers themselves will dispute this but thats what they do lol .

Judges Jails and Courts

Well as for the jails here its surprissingly easy to go straight to jail without a court or judge to say so . If your a foriegner avoid being anywhere near drugs dont think its like back home , you will go straight to jail without passing go and for a loooooong time !

Judges here are able to marry you if you wished , if you end up in the legal system though and have to face a judge in one of Daet’s courts , 2 things are for sure you will waste plenty of your time and probably in that time become jolliebee’s best customer ! (to help speed things up !) which is strange because we dont have much crime .

Mayor And Municipal

Basically for any big issues you might have to talk to the Municipal offices (town hall) or get approval directly from the mayor and above this level are the national offices in Manila , but lets just hope you dont need that.

The Daet Municipal building is a 10 min ride from the centro and this is where you will find the different local goverment units (LGU) and the surveyors office and the tourism office .

L.T.O. For Motoring Legal Issues In Daet

The Land Transport Office is worth mentioning here also just in case you have any motoring difficulties or legal issues in daet . The L.T.O. is located on the highway going south from Daet to Naga and all the associated insurance companys etc are right there also .