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Learn How To Surf

Why not learn how to surf at bagasbas beach so you can become a cool surfer or just take a lesson just for the fun of it . Daet is well known for its Bagasbas Beach and for being in the top ten surfing spots in the philippines .

Learning how to surf at bagasbas beach is easy as there is nearly always ok waves to be able to learn how to surf . Bagasbas beach is considered a beginners to intermediates surf spot . Making it an ideal place to learn how to surf even if your not a strong swimmer .

Learn How To Surf

Learn How To Surf

With its shallow and soft sandy bottom and an abundance of local surfers that will be you instructor and lots of board rental places on the beach .

There is no excuse not to try as the board rental places will even lend you shorts and a rash vest . You dont have to have an surfing instructor but of course its much better and a lot easier to catch the waves .

Please note though if you decide to not have a surfing instructor to learn how to surf you will be liable to replace or repair any breakages to fins and board .

Learn How To Surf With A Surfing Instructor

I would strongly advise you to hire one of the surfers to teach you for your first few lessons at least . Most speak Enlish and are used to foriegners . As there are a few simple things to learn before you go running down to the water with a surfboard .

Some of the things your learn straight away are what kind and size of board your need to start with and how to handle and carry a surfboard . Then you can head down to the waters edge , where further learning will be taught on things like ;

  • Reading surf conditions
  • Identifying dangerous situations
  • Basic fitness for surfing
  • Paddling
  • Catching Broken Waves
  • Wave zone negotiation
  • Wiping Out safely
  • Equipment for surfing
  • Sun smart behavior
  • Sport safe behavior
  • Environment Awareness

Once you have found out if your goofy or not and have attahed your leash its now time to get wet . Your instructor will walk out with you and hold the board as you lay on it .

They will find a suitable wave and give you a gentle push when the time is right . Some times its funny because the instructors get more excited than the learner when the beginner catches a wave and manages to stand . Loud howls and clapping encourage the new surfer !

ladies learning to surf

ladies learning to surf

Having an instructor when you first learn how to surf greatly increases you wave count , your learning curve and your chances of getting a few nice photos . Nearly everyone can stand at least once on there first lesson .

How Much Will It Cost To Learn How To Surf

How much it will cost to learn how to surf at bagasbas beach depends on your availability and haggling skills . But basically an hour of surfboard rental costs P200 and P200 for the instructor .

If your here in Daet for a few days or more try and make a deal with one of the surfers and it will work out much better than the hourly rate above . Especially if your on vacation and dont mind early morning and late afternoon when the waves are hot and the sun isnt .

Also if your interested to Learn kitesurfing aswell . Your kite and surfing lessons could be packaged into an agreed price . Just ask for Aris Cilones at the sunshine bar opposite the lifeguard tower or go here bagasbas beach kiteboarding .

As you have read this far down i guess you truely are interested in surfing . Below is further learning as your need to get experienced on a longboard before you can progress to a shortboard .

Ok dude good luck and im sure your enjoy it when you learn how to surf at Bagasbas Beach in Daet .

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