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Learn How Not To Drown

Amazingly most swimmers and non swimmers never learn how not to drown . Most people think they can swim and think thats all they need to know .

A friend of mine when he first started to learn how to surf he could manage to swim around the in the shallow end of the pool . When he got tired or got water in his eyes he would stop and stand up then carry on again .

Learn How Not To Drown

Learn How Not To Drown

One day he swam to close to the deep end and realised he couldnt stand and went into a panic and started to drown so i jumped in to rescue him . Even though i was a good swimmer he nearly drowned me also .

So there were 3 lessons learnt that day first is to know your safe zone of the swimming pool or beach , second is to never panic just stay calm and try to get to safety or simply float on your back .

The third lesson if you want to learn how not to drown is never try and rescue some one ever . Unless you have had proper training never ever try to rescue some one .

Want To Learn How Not To Drown ? Dont Raise Your Hands !

Dont start shouting and waving your hands , take your time and then when your ready you can shout or wave briefly in a controlled manner .

Shouting in a desperate attempt to rasie the alarm is how most people actually drown . As drowning is from the intake of water through the mouth , keep your mouth shut !

Waving your arms is how your go under the water the easiest so keep them down by your side and circle your hands to keep the head up .

Trying to kick or run in the water wont help either a walking or riding motion with the legs is best . If you get cramps dont worry they wont last for long .

Remember to conserve your energy as every bit you save will give you valuable minutes or even hours . Floating or swimming on your back uses the least energy and you could survive for a day or 2 like that .

Always remember never to swim alone or at night or after eating and especially never swim if intoxicated . And if you find someone in difficulty think of your own safety first !

Please also learn about rip tides as there are rip tides at bagasbas beach and learn how to rescue safely like how the bagasbas beach lifeguards are trained to do .

And a final tip if you are brave or stupid enough to attempt to rescue some one remember if there grabbing and trying to climb on you . Swim down go under the water they wont follow you and will let you go !

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