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Learn About Rip Tides

You should read this and learn about rip tides as there are riptides at bagasbas beach . Rip tides , rip currents or undertows as there known in different parts of the world , are all the same thing really .

Rip tides are like conveyor belts that carry narrow strips of water from close to the beach out to sea . They start and shift from a general area of the beach but not always in an exact same place .

aerial shot of a rip tide

aerial shot of a rip tide

The picture above shows a clearly defined riptide and is easy to see , but there not so easy to spot at bagasbas beach to an untrained eye .

The easiest way to spot them is no breaking waves , no white waves , people and debris going out to sea and slightly deeper water especially close to the shore .

They are dangerous and catch quite a few people out but the lifeguards and surfers at bagasbas beach will tell you , watch you and rescue you if needed .

What normally happens is people swim or play too close to the rip tide and get sucked or pulled into it , then out they go . And in nearly all cases they panic and dont know what to do .

Im not wanting to scare or put you off visiting bagasbas but there is 1 more thing you should know and be aware about especially now the road is built .

At each end of the beach are lagoons and when the tide is going out there are strong currents in the channels . Please keep your children and pets away from the edge of the water.

Learn About Rip Tides And What To Do

Now im going to help you learn about rip tides and what to do so you dont get caught in one . And what to do if you or some one else is caught in one . This simple knowledge could save your life

First look along the beach and see if you can spot any riptides , signs or flags or areas with no swimmers ! But please ask theres always lifeguards and surfers there , and they will put you right .

Ok hopefully youve looked and asked and havent just charged down to the water and run out as far as you can shouting wey hey and straight into a riptide . Yes it has happened .

When your swimming and playing in the water and waves look straight back to the shore and take a mental note of a point of land . Use this as a reference and check often to see if you are drifting down the beach .

The reason why you dont want to drift is because the current could be taking you into a rip tide . Also note how strong the side ways pull is , the stronger the pull the closer you are . Call for help if you think its going to take you and get attention or assistance before it does .

If your swimming and notice your being taken along swim the other way paralell to the shoreline untill it eases then attempt to swim to the shore . If it dosent ease or gets stronger , save your energy as your soon be in the riptide .

If your standing or able to stand try to keep your feet firmly on the floor , dont jump waves hold your breath close your eyes but keep you feet in the sand , then walk ashore .

If you cant keep your feet on the bottom you could try to jump when a wave comes and kind of body surf in . If that dosent work call for help , dont struggle and dont panic .

Rip tides at bagasbas beach dont pull you under water they just take you out about 100m and for about 2 to 3 minutes you just need to concentrate and not swallow the water .

Its very unlikely you will reach the end of the riptide or be in it for 2 or 3 minutes as a bagasbas beach lifeguard or surfer will rescue you .

So just focus on saving energy and not drinking , at this point dont try to shout or wave your arms . Locals will know your in difficulty as soon as they see you and help will be on its way .

Most rip tide casualties drown either because they panic or try to swim against it then quickly get tired and have no energy left and drown .

If your unlucky enough to not be rescued probably because its too early or too late and no one is around . The way to get out of a riptide is to swim parallel to the shore and get to the side of the rip tide .

The further you get to the side of the rip tide the weaker its current or pull will be , it will still be takeing you away from the beach as you swim to the side . But remember it will stop and it wont take you miles and miles away .

Tread water or float on your back to save your energy or if your too tired to swim , the waves at bagasbas beach will help push you back towards land .

When making your way back to the beach try to swim diagonally as apposed to straight back , or you could end up in the rip tide again and out you go again .

When you think float 100m out swim 50m to the side and and make your way in . An average or poor swimmer can manage it if they must and have this knowledge .

Normally your end up walking less than a 100 or so meters from where you first started . If you started your swim at the lifeguard tower and got caught in a riptide you would still be opposite the bars and reataurants . Not on one of Daet Islands or at vinzons or mercedes !

If you notice some one being pulled out and you can safely grab them do so but only if its not too deep . The best way you can help some one in a rip tide is you call for help .

You calling for help raises the alarm and at bagasbas help will come running believe me . It also reassures the person in difficulty and will stop them from shouting if your doing it for them . Which helps them not get mouthfulls of water .

Lifeguards And Surfers Learn About Rip Tides

Lifeguards and surfers learn about rip tides because they are a lifeguard and surfers best friend . If there is a riptide nearby they will nearly always use it .Rips help them get out beyond the surf quickly and easily .

Lastly if your ever rescued please remember and help the person who risked there life to save yours . Now spread the word and help others to learn about rip tides around Daet.

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