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Kiteboarding Competition

In February 2009 , Daet’s Bagasbas Beach hosted the First International Kiteboarding Competition in the region , which was a huge success bringing both local and foriegn competitors .

Daet Bagasbas Beach Kiteboarding Competition

Daet Bagasbas Beach Kiteboarding Competition

Many from with in the Philippines entered but also a few traveled from around the world to participate . Hoping to grab the big bucks cash prizes .

The success of this first trial event brought in even more visitors and attractions in the next years. With a large stage with well known bands and a rock climbing wall just to name a few .

Bagasbas Beach Kiteboarding Competition

February 2013 will be massive so make it a date for your calender . The word has spread internationally and you can expect to see some hot competition and even bigger prizes at the next Philippines kiteboarding competition

As soon as i get more information i will publish it here.

Kiteboarding Kitesurfing

Kiteboarding or kitesurfing are both the same thing but here in Daet at Bagasbas Beach Kite Surfing is referred to as kiteboarding the most .

Basically what it envolves is adrenaline junkies whizzing across the water on a board . Being powered along by holding onto a bar controlling a large kite .

Kiteboarding kites are L.E.I. which means leading edge inflatable . The reason the front leading edge is inflated is if it lands in the water they dont sink and are easier to launch up into the air .

The kite is controlled by a bar and 4 lines ( normally ) , hooked to the kiteboarders harness . Pulling the bar towards you powers the kite and pushing or letting go depowers the kite .

The power from these kites can cause serious injury or death . They could drag you along the beach or out to sea or very high into the sky . Kiteboarding lessons are a must .

Learn Kiteboarding At Bagasbas Beach

If your planning to come to Daet for a week or more why not learn kiteboarding at Bagasbas Beach .

Even if your traveling Asia or The Philippines come on down here to learn how to skim surf kitesurf at very low prices !

Due to having to learn the saftey aspects related to the equipment and the sport . It will take you longer to get your first ride on a board than it will to getting your first ride just surfing .

If you have 2 weeks in Daet you could learn to surf and kitesurf and be up riding the wind and waves in that time.
Weather permitting it could be possible to learn both in an intensive week of lessons .

There is a safe shallow lagoon connected to Bagasbas beach which is a perfect place to learn body dragging . And your first attempts of board riding aswell as water launchs.

Kiteboarding Lessons At Bagasbas Beach

Kiteboarding lessons at bagasbas beach are probably the cheapest in the Philippines and maybe the world .

There are international kiteboading instructors (IKO) which is the equivalent to UK(bksa). Plus a couple of experienced kiteboarders you could hire to teach you .

Kites , boards and harnesses of various sizes are available for hire to instructors to teach beginners (at there own risk).

More experienced kitesurfers can hire suitable gear without an instructor providing they can demonstrate profiency . Again down to there own risk and with a deposit and promise of break it replace it !

Want To Learn Kiteboarding

If you want to learn kiteboarding at bagasbas first ask around at the beach , in the middle opposite the tower and at both ends of the beach . By far the cheapest is an english speaking local named aris , ask for him opposite the tower at the sunshine bar .

Booking lessons online is possible and you can even get packaged deals with accomadation and lessons from 2 providers .

But i advise you to come and ask , there is no problems getting a room in Daet . The money your save doing it this way as opposed to booking online could buy your first kite or board !

Learn here then go home and practise some more , then come back the next year and enter the kiteboarding competition