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Self flagellation of Catholic devotees in Daet

CAMARINES NORTE, Philippines – Although discouraged by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, self flagellation as an act of penitence is still practiced by many devotees in various areas of the Philippines.

Penitents endure the extreme bodily pain, believing that the practice can absolve them of their sins, cause the healing of a loved one, or simply ensure Divine provision of blessings to their family.

via IN PHOTOS: Self-flagellation of Catholic devotees.

There is a short video on the website above for those that havent seen self flagellation before . Every year coinsiding with the holy week here in Daet . Religious devotees whip them selves through the streets.

The more normal religious persons simply spend the holy week going to church and spending quality time with family . Daet is the destination for quiet a few people from manila and the rest of the philippine to visit there relatives .

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