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How To Get A student professional Philippine Driving License In Daet

Ok so you what to know How To Get A student professional Philippine Driving License In Daet ?
The first thing you need to know about how to get a driving license in Daet , is the requirements you need.
Basically there are 3 types of driving licenses which can all be obtained from the LTO providing you have the requirements and pass the tests .

How To Get A Philippine Driving License In Daet

How To Get A Philippine Driving License In Daet

To apply for each license you must be physically fit and mentally capable of operating a motor vechile . You must be neat and presentable and free from alcohol and drugs and submit to drug testing .

You will need to take 2 forms of identification when applying . The first is proof of age this must be a birth certificate or a certified true copy by the NSO or a valid passport . The second form of ID should be an official proof of age and identity like SSS Philhealth TIN etc .

The Different Types Of Driving Licenses

The types of driving licenses allowed are of course the 3 Philippines driving licenses and a few foriegn licenses . Like the British can get a year long IDP international driving permit from the RAC . And Americans can use there licenses here for up to 90 days , but producing a Philippine Licenses is best really .

Student Permit

Student permit driving licenses are a must have at least for any one 16 years or older . Technically a student permit requires them to be accompanied by some one with a professional drivers license though!

Non Professional License

A non professional license is the one most people 17 years or older have . You must have had the student permit for at least 1 month to obtain this license, and pass the LTO written and driving exams . Its for personal use of motorbikes trikes cars and vans up to 4500kg .

Professional Driving License

A professional driving license is for drivers of commercial vechiles like tricycle drivers van hire and truck drivers . If you need or want this license you must be 18 years or older and have had the non professional license for at least 6 months . Aswell as passing the LTO written and driving exams .

If you fail the exams you must wait at least 1 month before being allowed to take them again . The costs are very cheap and well worth it so plan now to get your driving license in Daet before you get stop checked .

photo by:Sean MacEntee

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