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House And Lot In Daet

House and lot in daet for sale or wanted ? you need to know where and what is involved . The whole steps , process and procedure can be quite confusing so here i will try to point you in the right direction .

Build A House And Lot In Daet

Build A House And Lot In Daet

Armed with a basic understanding of whats involved and of knowing where to go should help make the whole transaction a lot easier . Remember these are just basic pointers feel free to make notes or changes .

Before Buying A House And Lot In Daet

Before buying a house and lot in daet make sure the title is legal and clean ! To make sure its legit get a photocopy of the title from the sellers and there names. Check the IDs of the owners , make sure there alive, carefull of inheritance claims ! Now take this to the
Register Of Deeds and ask for a Certified True Copy.

Check the back of the certified true copy for encumbrances to see if it is in fact clean ! and you wont have to giveĀ  up a 3m right of way (easement). Then make sure its the actual title for the land at the register of deeds or go to a surveyor.

Then go to the Municipal building to make sure the Real Property Tax has been payed . You should also consider finding out the zonal value (residentual,agricultural etc) and the fair market value from B.I.R .

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Before doing all that be sure you know about the area ! some of the things you should know about are ;

Is the mains water pressure strong (24hr and upstairs !)
Does the area flood ?
Noise Levels day and night
Tricycles at night ?
If is summer time what is like typhoon season
Garbage colection ?
Possibility of large buildings built close by

Buy A House And Lot In Daet For Sale

Ok you have decided your going to buy a house and lot in daet for sale . You have checked the above and have agreed on a price now what ?

Find a Lawyer , you and the seller make a deed of sale if on terms or a Deed Of Absolute Sale with full and final payment .

Next its off to B.I.R to get a land tax declaration and whilst your there pick up a B.I.R Form 1701-E which is an Individuals Capital Gains Form for the seller .

Take the declaration to the Municipal Assessors Office once they have worked out the market value , you go pay the real estate tax to the date of sale and the transfer of title tax at the Municipal Tresurers office there.

When the Capital Gains Tax and the Document stamp tax has been paid at the B.I.R , you go to the registry of deeds and they should cancel old title and issue you a new one with your name on it.

Now your the new owner you need to go and get a new tax declaration in your name back at the assessors office and register your new title at the Register Of Deeds.

Where To Fix The Papers To Buy A House And Lot In Daet

Most of the lawyers can be found down the road from the Rizal Monument. The Register Of Deeds can be found behind the big church on the highway. The municipal building is just out of town going south towards Naga, and the B.I.R is located next to the central plaza mall.

A lot of the sub divisions are called Happy Homes something, like Happy Homes Centro etc, the office is located at Central PLaza Mall. This is the only realty office im aware of in Daet.

Documents You Need To Buy A House And Lot In Daet

Here is a list of the documents you need to buy a house and lot in daet and your need lots and lots of photocopy of each one also .

Transfer Certificate Of Title
Tax Declaration + Certified True Copy
Real Estate Tax Clearance
Deed Of Absolute Sale
Certificate Of No Improvement (if empty lot)
Reciept Of Capital Gains Tax
Tax Declaration
Certificate Authorised Registration (B.I.R)
Doc stamp tax

The Cost To Buy A House And Lot In Daet

Basically the cost to buy a house and lot in daet to the buyer is 6% – 12% of house price and about 10% – 13% for the seller due to the fact they might have to pay capital gains tax. Also this depends on the cost of the lawyer but 5% – 10% is the range but 10% is the reality normally.

The Transfer Of Title tax will be 0.5% – 1.2% and the Deed Of Sale 0.2% – 0.5% , the Title Registration Fee is 4400 + 45 for every 20,000 over 1.7m , then a few couple of hundred peso here and there on admin notary expenses.

The Agent Fee if any and the Doc Stamp is normally met by the seller , but clarify with seller and lawyer these things at the begining.

One last cost to take into consideration is the snacks your take to sweeten up the workers at the varius places, remember your be back and forth on multiple occasions be patient, and prepared to wait and hang around .

Now use the list of documents required as keywords in your google searches to help you get really confused . I hope this article has simplified it all for you . Good luck with buying or selling a house and lot in Daet .

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