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Festivals And Events

Daet holds a few main festivals and events annually , these events are between one and two weeks long . But there are normally other activities connected before or after so generally they go on for the whole month .

The most famous of these festivals and events in and around Daet are the following ;

The Pineapple (pinyasan) Festival

daet pinyasan festival costumes

daet pinyasan festival costumes

Daet has its annual Pineapple Festival every 15th-24th of June officially but its basically on for the whole month with several smaller associated festivities . The importance of this festival is the unique pineapple its self , named the “Queen of Formosa” pineapple well known for its sweet flavour and is only produced in this region.

The “Pinyasan” as the Daetenos call it is known as one of the most colourful parades in the Philippines . Since its start in 1992 knowledge of the queen of formosa has spread even to out side of the Philippines .

The main part of the celebration lies with the highly decorated floats and costumes all well rehearsed and choreographed in there own rights . With brass bands and schools and many different groups and associations being involved marching and dancing through the streets of Daet .

The most important and significant part to this spectactular celebration is the whole agriculture industry that this province holds . As well as the arts and culture it brings with it .

Other places have festivals and events to promote there products which is good for the producers , the people and the city’s themselves . Here we simply want to salute the farmers of Daet .

The Bantayog Festival

On the 3rd of March 1919 Camarines Norte was formed and Daet was named as the capitol . At the same time Camarines Sur was formed with Naga being its capital . Both Provinces gained their independance from one another . Each year from that date Daet has held its annual “Bantayog festival”

The Bantayog Festival goes on for a whole month of celebrations day and night both in the town proper and down at bagasbas beach . Many friends and family visit relatives at this time as theres a good fiesta atmosphere for old and young to enjoy .

The other two up and coming annual events gaining in strength each year are water sports activities bringing natives and foriegn competitors together aswell as the ever increasing number of spectators . These are ;

The Summer Surf Fest

The summer surf fest is held at Daet’s bagasbas beach the last weekend of April . This event is great for spectators festival goers and party people . The summer surf fest event is open to complete newbies to pro surfers . Each able to win prizes from the catorgory they enter .

Its also an excellent time to learn to surf , bagasbas also being a shallow sandy bottom beach makes it a perfect place to learn . And free lesson from the bagasbas united surfers association are included in the entrance fee .

Apart from the surfing other clinic activities include a rock climbing wall , beach football , frisbee , volley ball , dodge ball and live bands to party the night away .

The Annual Kiteboarding Competition

The Annual Kiteboarding Competition also known as The Annual Kitesurfing Competition . This draws in natives and foriegners from across the globe . A relatively new attraction of Daet held on its Bagasbas Beach every year is gaining in strengh more and more .

Some serious prize money is competed for which is gaining international accreditation with some big name sponsors and an ever incresing media coverage .

Aswell as the kiteboarding / kitesurfing which ever you choose to call it there is a great party atmosphere and an abundance of other entertainments going on . And of course the mandatory big name bands and pro sound systems pumping music out all night long .

Paragliding and Hang-gliding Towing Competition

Daet is to hold the first International Paragliding and Hang-gliding Towing Competition in February 2013 . A trial run was conducted in nov 2012 with great success . Local and international flyers will compete and lots of spectators are expected .

Other Festivals And Events

All the towns close to Daet have there very own festivals , events and fiesta’s . Check out the festivals and events catagory for more info and pics .

All year round through the streets of the city there are parades , festivals and events going on for you to enjoy and watch . These are mostly one day events and are fun spectacles to watch varying from local, national and religious happenings such as ;

  • Philippines National Holidays
  • Holy Week and Self Flagalation (whipping one’s self)
  • School and Groups Parade
  • Bike Rallys
  • Bands
  • Travelling Circus and Fun Fare
  • Beauty Pagents
  • Sporting Events
  • Barangay Fiesta’s

The events are great for tourists and locals and help unify the proud people of Daet and Camarines Norte . Old and young all party together at these festivals and events in Daet.

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