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Education in Daet

Education in Daet can be learnt at public and private schools and colleges . Aswell as various other places to learn different skills and trades . We have a good choice of public and private schools some are religious orientated and there is one that teaches chinesse .

There is a good over all standard of education in daet with most students able to speak English and operate computers .

Education in Daet

Education in Daet

School and College Education in Daet

Most school children graduate high school and go onto college in and around Daet , but for the more specific college’s like maritime academy’s etc they generally go to Naga or Manila . Also those students prefering a more prestigous national college go to Manila to study .

Places to Learn in Daet

Other places to learn in Daet are mostly vocational private establishments and of the short course types . From pc and internet courses through to Surfing clinics to Kiteboarding and lifegaurd training to singing and dancing and to driving tuition .

Check out the education section soon to come . In the daet blog catorgory at the top left of this page . To find more specific in depth information of whats available and where to learn in Daet. Tesda are now offering free online courses theres more info here .

“Knowledge is power” is a well known phrase in the Philippines but “Knowing your rights will be your shield” is a little known phrase in Daet. Knowledge stems from education and experience .

No matter what age you are your never too old to learn .
Whether its for financial gain or personal improvement getting an education in daet is easy .

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