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Daet Restaurants

Daet Restaurants dont just cook Bicol Cuisine . There are many Restaurants and Bars in Daet and lots more places to eat .

Although there isnt any top end fancy restaurants like in manila there are still plenty of choices . Your choices vary between prices flavours atmosphere location and what speciality food you seek .



Most cater to local cuisine although nearly all will have some thing your average “joe” will recognise . Because Daet is located next to the sea try some of the sea foods , also because Daet is in the Bicol Region we use a bit of chilli and coconut .

If the Filipino’s love Bicolano food im sure most foriegners will also .

Other than typical restaurants there are calenderia’s which are small cafe type places , local workers use these alot and are great places to experience .

Also stalls and street vendors sell there stuff at very very cheap prices there a must try so are the local backeries , the bread is very sweet. OH and there are burger and pizza places and some restaurants that deliver . Here is a list of the main Daet Restaurants.

Daet Restaurants

BISTRO ( Cobangbang )
Cental Plaza Restaurant
Food Choices
Golden Palace
K Sarap Food Haus
Kusina Ni Angel
Stroll Cafe
Surfers Dine INN

Most of the restaurants are in Daet Centro and on or near Bagasbas Beach area and theres a few good ones a short 5 minute trick ride from the centro . Foods not to be missed are balut , tahot , queen formosa pineapple , green oranges ! chili , bicol express , pillinut just to name a few , but do ask and try those .

I will link off to each of daets restaurants from the list above and try to give you a good idea of what to expect , the first will be my favourite Bistro in barangay cobangbang . Why not bookmark or subscribe or get the RSS feed above to be the first to know .

Bicolano food in Daet Restaurants is masarap delicious .

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