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Paddling Power

Increase Your Paddle Power

By Clayton Beatty BSc

Sometimes I wish I had an outboard motor on the back of my surf board so I could just zoom back out to the line up after a wave. Unfortunately such surfboard motors don’t seem to exist, so there has to be another way.

The obvious way is [

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Better Balance

Better Balance = Better Surfer

By Clayton Beatty BSc

Have you ever been watching a surf DVD and you see some pro bust off the lip, land on some awkward angle with his body bent backwards into the white-wash and yet some how he recovers and manages to stay on his board.

Don’t you wish you could [

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Workouts For Surfers

Workouts for Surfers

By Clayton Beatty BSc

Wouldn’t you like to be able to surf harder and longer, get more barrels, bust bigger airs and surf with more style? And wouldn’t you like to be able to accomplish this without even getting wet?

Surfing has reached a new level of professionalism in recent years, with pros opting [

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Peso Exchange Rate In Daet

The Philippine peso exchange rate in daet centro at the money changers around bagasbas beach road traffic lights. As of february 2013 is about 40 to the dollor and about 62 to the british pound .

Where as PNB online remit gives about 42 to the dollor and 64 to the pound . I personally prefer [

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