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Self flagellation of Catholic devotees in Daet

CAMARINES NORTE, Philippines – Although discouraged by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, self flagellation as an act of penitence is still practiced by many devotees in various areas of the Philippines.

Penitents endure the extreme bodily pain, believing that the practice can absolve them of their sins, cause the healing of a loved one, [

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Bitten In Daet

Ok first things first there are snakes in Daet but not many , and the chances of getting bitten in daet by one are extremely slim . We have cobra’s and bower constrictors , and other types but its the cobra’s to watch out for !

Its all well and good sucking out the poison and [

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Common Symptons And Remedies

Here for common symptons and remedies . Lots of people in Daet use herbal remedies from local self professed medicine men and women . Yes some of it is good and clever but i wont be drinking a cup of (urine !) or something and believe it will work .

Herbal Medicine

Another thing these healers [

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Professional Advice In Daet

Should you need professional advice in Daet it can be a little diffulcult to know where to go and what to do .

So i have decided to try and tackle this varied subject and lay it out in an as easy and simple way as possible.

Professional Advice In Daet

Legal Issues

I will try to cover [

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