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Daet Hotels Resorts and Accommodation are varied except for luxury and top class hotels and resorts .

There are several hotels in Daet centro and similar hostels , lodges , chalets , inns and backpacker accommodation at Bagasbas Beach .

Around the outskirts of Daet there are a few resorts but are still only a short tricycle ride from the city center . The beach is again just a short tricycle ride from Daet city center or Centro as its known .

All of the hotels and resorts are open to none residents at affordable entry prices . So its still possible to use there facilitys of swimming pools and restaurants etc . You can see our Daet Hotel Reviews here .

Wiltan One Of Daet Hotels

Wiltan One Of Daet Hotels

Daet hotel rates cost between 300 – 3000 as a general rule , which is basically half the price you would pay for a similar accommodation in Manila .

So its value for money , personally i recommend you plan to stay the first few nights in the centro and then decide from there , after checking out in person which places suit you , your needs and your budget .

Below is a list of the different places to stay , unfortunately few if any Daet Hotels accept online payments and bookings , although it is possible to make reservations via the hotel phone numbers list in my blog post catorgory top left .

But you will always even at the busiest times get a room , so dont worry just come and visit . You can also pitch a tent on the beach for free if you like


  • Bagasbas Beach Lighthouse Hotel Resort
  • Wiltan Hotel
  • Canimog Hotel
  • Dolor Hotel
  • Pinoy Hotel
  • Karilagan Hotel
  • Travellers Hotel
  • Villa Mila Hotel
  • Mines Hotel
  • Daet Hotel
  • Mega Star Hotel
  • Pink Diamond Hotel
  • Prime Suite Hotel
  • Royal Orchids Hotel
  • White Wave Hotel
  • Formosa Hotel
  • Francesco Hotel


  • Sampaguita Tourist Inn
  • Daet Tourist Inn
  • Travellers Inn
  • Surfers Dine-Inn


  • Rigine Joy Apartelle
  • Nathaniel Apartelle
  • Habibi Apartelle
  • Tin-Tin Apartelle
  • Daet Apartelle
  • Milagros Hall and Apartelle


  • Hebris Penthaus
  • Irish Travel Lodge
  • Diamond Motor Lodge
  • Jocelles Garden
  • Zenaidas Palace
  • Mikes Kites
  • La Cabana


  • Pineapple Island Resort
  • Bel-Air Resort
  • Tierra Soledad Resort
  • Club Noah Resort

Please contact us as i am sure i have probably missed a few , also if your the owners please send me a link to your website and further info like phone number and prices .

Soon i will make a page for each place to stay so visitors can know what to expect of Daet Hotels


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