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Common Symptons And Remedies

Here for common symptons and remedies . Lots of people in Daet use herbal remedies from local self professed medicine men and women . Yes some of it is good and clever but i wont be drinking a cup of (urine !) or something and believe it will work .

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine

Another thing these healers do is burn charcoal with some smelly stuff on a metal plate and stink the place out believing allsorts of things haha.

Some of these healers are very good at what they do and are a god send to the ones that believe and to the poor with little choice.

Also on a more positive note these same people normally give massages and really really push which CAN help fix trapped nerves and long term back aches. So dont knock them until youve tried !

Common Symptons And Remedies

Here is a list of common symptons and remedies below of what a lot of people here use to cure themselves .


FLU, COMMON COLD, GENERALLY UNWELL,HEAT BUMPS Calamansi is very high in vitimin c , (they are the small green round things with your meal) vit c boosts your immune system so if you have a common cold or flu type symptons squeeze a few into a cup add sugar and hot water. For heat bumps normally to back of hand and lower arm , cut a calamansi and gently rub over .


Betadine a red liquid comes in little bottles . This is a good general antiseptic good for small cuts , bites and abrasions .

Anti Histermine

These anti histermine tablets are good crushed and grounded and then applied to nasty cuts and act as anti inflamatorys

Amoxiciline Penaciline

All the cillines are good for infections just ask at one of the pharmacy’s which one is best for your purticular needs.


Bannanas are good for diareah and stomach upsets so is milk if your wanting something more dry and cant make toast eat skyflakes , available from all sari sari stores.

Cigerette Butt

Placeing a smoked fag butt with the paper removed in your mouth next to a bad tooth sooths tooth ache (eventually). This is if you have no choice and is better than climbing the walls.


Vic’s is good for body ache , blocked nose and bunged up head . Also consider the varius heat rubs like tiger balm type stuff , especially after surfing using muscles you didnt know you had .

Cigerettes and Lighters

Cigerettes and lighters can be used on mozy bites , as soon as they bite or soon after to stop them from getting crazy itchy. Just hold the fag over the top untill you feel it getting hot , this draws the sting to the surface. With a lighter make the metal hot extinguish flame and hold over the top .


Yeh Alcohol is good for head aches lol , no seriously i was talking about alcohol rub which is widely available .

For your medical needs in daet seeking professional medical advice is the best thing to do ! But if any of you have any ideas please comment about common symptons and remedies , share your knowledge.

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