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Cash Money

Getting and sendingĀ cash money to Daet Philippines is easy and there are a number of options . First lets talk about how to send money to Daet or any where else in the Philippines for that matter .

Western Union In Daet

Western union is an ideal method they have a few outlets located in Daet Centro and have different ways for yourself or for who ever you send to recieve the cash ! you can even arrange for the cash to be delivered door to door . Or send money for you to go in and pick up , best to see there website for more details and fees though.

get your philippines peso cash money

get your philippines peso
cash money

Then there are all the other online companys which have services to send money to the philippines , most you will find partner with Western Union.

Remittance To Daet

Remittance to daet is another way i know of if you ,or somebody you know has a bank account in the Philippines you could send bank to bank , this can be done via internet banking also .

The Philippine National Bank (pnb) has a facility for this its called online remittance search pnb online remit for more info . Its probably the most cost effecient way of sending money to the Philippines and there is a branch in Daet and most city’s.

How To Get Your Cash In Daet

Now how to get your cash in daet , when you are here . Travellers cheques are a safe way , or safer still is to pick up your spending money from one of the above methods.

Another way is to bring foriegn currency and change it , the black market money changers are to be found near the traffic lights on the Bagasbas road . There exchange is quite reasonable , although do ask for a better rate !

ATM’s In Daet

Getting local currency from a bank or ATM in daet can be done using your card with cirrus, visa, visaelectron, maestro, mastercard, to name a few .

There are lots of atm’s in the centro , use in the day time and there will be a guard standing around . Some machines will give 10,000 while other banks machines will give only 4,000 but you can just put your card back in and do it again , remember though each transaction is another fee to your bank account !

Just ask inside , not the people outside they probably wont know , also its probably best not to advertise you intend to take a few thousand peso out.

Remember street smarts ! but also be aware there is a lack of decorum and mannners at atm’s people do like to help, watch, look and distract you ! Daet locals are just to helpfull and friendly sometimes !

No Cash Over The Counter In Daet

PLEASE NOTE as of 2013 its not possible to get cash over the counter in Daet yet by using a credit card for this you will need to go to Naga City 2 hours away bus or van .

This is the best option if you want to withdraw a large amount on your credit card i think you can get a max of p300,000 just by going in handing over card and giving passport and photocopies . That should be enough to last you a couple of days lol.

Notify Your Bank

One important thing to remember though is to notify your bank or card issuer (yes long phone call) you intend to use your card here in daet or the philippines , or there fraud watch will block your card , this happens a lot .

The phone number will be on the back of the card , sometimes even though you notified them they still block it , then you must call from Daet which will cost p500 on a phone card and sim .

It is also a good idea to ask for a maximum limit to be applied on each card for the duration of your holiday just to be on the safe side !

It can be confusing sometimes here in Daet becuse the atm might be empty so people cross the road and use another one , which becomes empty , you wont know if its because its empty or your card has been blocked .

One last thing most small places in Daet dont accept cards , only good ol hard cash money .