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Business Set Up Advice

Want business set up advice here in Daet Camarines Norte ? Read this business set up advice. My first piece of advice to you all is to go visit the local government website daet on the go which i will link to at the end of this article.

On there website you will find in depth daet specific info as to the various requirements needed and where to go but below here is a brief summary of the various places .

business set up advice

business set up advice

Business Requirements

Most business requirements are to filed at Daet’s Municipal Building . The easiest time to file to open a new business is the beginning of january each year, where a “one stop shop” is set up at the Municipal, where help and business set up advise can be found all in one central location.

Other places you will need to go include the barangay captain for business clearance , the fire station for fire saftey clearance , D.T.I Department of Trade And Industry for registering your business name aswell as to the SSS Social Security System office for clearance and Philhealth for clearance.

Very Small Business Set Up Advice

If you have a good idea to set up a very small business in Daet the above is probably not required ! By very small i mean not even to the scale of micro business level , just a one man band kind of operation . But i would advise you to seek permission / clearance from the Barangay Captain.

Generally rules are relaxed however if your small venture is causeing nuisance or is stepping on the toes of others then you might find the rules implied.

Also if your small business is not seen to be making any decent amount of money then you can generally fly under the radar of the authorities and the dreaded taxes !

Small To Medium Business Set Up Advise

My small to medium business set up advise is dont even try to set up in business without the required permits etc. Its not worth the hassle and fines, it will effect your tax and you could run the risk of having your business shut down before it even starts.

Daet has a large Chinese business comunity and it seems to the locals , they have it all sown up . But over the past few years we have seen an increase of Pinoy and Taiwanese businesses set up and all doing well .

I think with the right business model there is room and opportunity to invest in a start up business and with more competition and more choices for the consumer this will always be welcome .

Especially with Daet soon to become a provincial city as apposed to a town . Those with an astute business mind could do very well. What with government and local money being invested plus increased population and jobs now is an excellent time to start your business.

Plus here is a very safe place and dosent have the large scale crime like some major cities and its well policed. The last year has seen a marked increase in a visual police presence due to initiatives from the mayor and the chief of police.

National And International Businesses

Daet is slowly but surely attracting national and international businesses and brand names with there own buildings and within the various malls .

Shakey’s a well known National company recently opened a restaurant here and we are hoping many other various businesses will follow suit.

Other known brands are very much wanted here as to get them we have to travel to Naga or north towards manila plus a large SM type mall is needed in or close to here.

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As the capital of Camarines Norte we could do with a large scale attraction like Naga has its CWC wake boarding . We would benefit from such an attraction to complement bagasbas beach’s surfing and kiteboarding for both locals and visitors .

As mentioned above here is the link to Daet On The Go for more info about business requirements specific to Daet.

Also a skate park or bowling alley or go kart track etc , for millionaires that would be my business set up advice for here in daet.

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