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Build A House In Daet

Why not build a house in Daet now before Daet upgrades to the provinsial CITY of DAET Camarines Norte instead of a town . Yes before 2014 ends Daet should have become an official city , could even be sooner due to the hard work of the Mayor Tito Sarion .

pic of construction to build a house in daet

pic of construction to build a house in daet

This is a very welcome developement for Daet to become a city however there will be changes and those changes have already started . For example plans are already in place to develope specific key zonal areas of daet .

These included the widening of key Roads around the town, modernisation and developement of Daet’s best attraction Bagasbas Beach and along the highway . At present you could travel north or south along the highway and not even realise Daet is even here , this will soon change , and visitors will be welcomed in .

The impact of such developements to housing , businesses and traffic are yet to be seen , but one thing is for sure some areas will improve and others will slowly decline. So take this into consideration if planning to build, buy or sell a house and lot in Daet in the future as im sure for better or worse property prices in Daet will be effected.

One more very important thing to take into consideration is the currency exchange rate . If you can wait until the exchange rate is good you get more bang for ya buck, if you cant wait build in stanges over a few years .

Materials To Build a House In Daet

Materials to build a house in daet can all be easily bought locally around town and delivered to your door. For the finishing touches to the bathroom (cr) kitchen etc your find a wide and varied choice in daet.

It isnt necessary anymore to have to shop for these in Naga or Manila. Daet has come out of the dark ages of 10 years ago when you couldnt buy a bath tub here ! plus many other things come to that.

Construction Workers To Build a House In Daet

Finding construction workers to build a house in daet is easy but finding a good team of construction workers or specialists isnt so easy . What i mean is every one says there a construction worker or will be if you want to employ them !

Hiring the family and there friends is very nice and gives them a job and money and maybe a chance to learn, but it will probably give you a job, cost you wasted time and money and make you learn !

Prioritise whats important; Cost,Quality,Time,Stress and if you want water to come into your home and ruin the appliances, paint and tiles etc and also priortise the importance of your house being there along time and not falling down !

As for cost and quality of workmanship the family and friends will expect the same pay but better conditions and produce worse workmanship than if you hired a professional not too mention take a lot longer to finish the build thus extending your stressfull time.

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Foriegners should also try to remember the old When In Rome thing and so should pinoys new here as things might be slightly different to what there use too back in there place. Anyway i wish you all the best of luck with your plans to build a house and lot in Daet

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