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Bitten In Daet

Ok first things first there are snakes in Daet but not many , and the chances of getting bitten in daet by one are extremely slim . We have cobra’s and bower constrictors , and other types but its the cobra’s to watch out for !

Its all well and good sucking out the poison and tying torniques but unless you get to a doctor and fast it will be useless . So if you suspect you was bitten go straight to the nearest hospital , and if possible bring what bit you !

Cobra snakes in daet

Cobra snakes in daet

Dont Get Bitten In Daet

Other things to be aware of so your not bitten in Daet include ;

2ft lizards

Ok chances of you standing on a 2ft lizard are zero but they do exist and are very rare as most get eaten by the locals . Same thing with sharks , they do exist but to my knowledge never attacked anyone here , also have never been seen here unless caught by a fisherman .

Now cats and dogs they bite and often unfortunately , and rabies is present in the Philippines ! Even though the goverment do go around and inject household pets , there are many that are not .

So if you do get bitten best to find out about the dog and its history and or take a course of tablets, but with all bites bacteria and infection are always present so use betidine at least !

Mosquitos And Creepy Crawlies

Mosquitos and creepy crawlies are the main culprits for being bitten in daet . When out at night cover up use whatever spray lotion potion you choose , but there still get to you im sure .

But 1 bite is better than 1000s and reducing the risk of dengue fever and malaria is a smart move.

In the evenings close the doors and windows and sleep under a net ( can be bought locally ). Lots of locals burn a mosquito repelant but running an electric fan or aircon keeps them away .

They dont like the wind from the fan and dont like the cold from aircon ! Oh and in the morning shake your clothes before putting on incase a cockroach or some thing slept there !

Night night sleep tight and the bed bugs wont bite !

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