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Bagasbas Beach

Bagasbas Beach or simply Bagasbas is Daet’s main attraction and is the most favorite beach in Camarines Norte Province . With its wide and long 2km stretching fine Grey sand and promenade that spans the best part of it .

deserted bagasbas beach

deserted bagasbas beach

Locals and visitors can enjoy uninterrupted views of the activities on and off the beach and to the various islands close by . Getting to the beach is easy with one long road from JolliBee in the city centre direct to to the beach .

As nearly all the places to stay except those at the beach are close to the city centre (centro) , it would take you less than 50 peso and no more than 10 minutes to cool down in the sea or fresh breeze .

The best thing about Bagasbas Beach is that its free , easy and clean . And not ruined by mass tourism and people hassling you for something .  Even the peanut sellers don’t come to you , you must call them .

If the day comes when there are hoards of tourists , it wouldn’t matter so much because there is more than enough room for every one to enjoy

There is a bit of a rip tide at times that have caught people out in the past , the lifeguards keep watch over you and make sure your not in a danger zone , but be aware of this though.

The Promenade At Bagasbas Beach

The promenade along the top of the beach allows easy parking and access to both the beach and the many various bars and eateries , that line the main section of the Prom .

These relatively small establishments offer a wide variety of entertainment and cuisine at very affordable prices . There is a very chilled , laid back ambience at this place , and caters to the peoples needs so simply its great , why complicate life !!!

Evenings through to the early hours of the morning can be spent singing , dancing , drinking and eating .

When there is one of the regular competitions at the beach you can enjoy national and international bands on stage .

For a better idea of the establishments at the beach have a look at the Daet Bars And Restaurants category and the Daet Hotels category

 Activities at  Bagasbas Beach

Activities are varied but at Bagasbas Beach surfing is the most popular as well as kite surfing . Or kite boarding which ever you wish to call it but that is not all . Here are a few other things regularly seen :

  • surfing + surfing tuition
  • kite surfing + kite surfing tuition
  • body boarding
  • skim boarding
  • beach volleyball
  • beach football
  • beach Frisbee
  • jet skiing
  • sand carving
  • aerobics
  • beach combing
  • massage
  • net fishing

Early saturday and sunday mornings families and keep fit fanatics can been seen walking and running from the Centro to the beach . Most set off at the crack of dawn as its the coolest time of the day . Any one can participate , old and young , a great way to start the day and a great sunset memory for visitors of  Daet .

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