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Bagasbas Beach Surfing

Bagasbas Beach Surfing is the ideal place to learn how to surf , and the opportunity shouldnt be missed . Apart from the sun , sea , sand and surf which are free .

Boards and instructors can be hired and there are Life Guards keeping watch from Life Guard Tower .

Bagasbas Beach Surfing

Bagasbas Beach Surfing

When you are tired there are facilities for a shower and shampoo . So no excuses not to try , also its a great holiday photo opportunity !

For the more adventurest you can try Kite Surfing , depending where you are from this could be refered to as Kite Boarding .

Lessons are currently starting at 2200php for a 2 hour basics with equipment supplied . There operating season is from the beggining of November to the end of February .

If your an experienced kiteboarder why not enter the annual Bagasbas Beach International Kiteboarding Competition 

Seasoned Surfers

Bagasbas Beach is the the favored surf spot of the seasoned surfers . But there are more surf spots known of in and around Daet . Places like San Jose , The River Mouth , Tongs Point and the beautiful islands of the Calaguas Islands.

The Bagasbas Beach Surfing Spot Is An Internationally Accredited Surfing Spot

With a recent promotion of Bagasbas the Philippine Department Of Tourism granted it as a Internationally – Accredited Surfing Spot .

To learn more about these and to find a companion to take you to these not too distance places , just inquire around the surfing community at the beach they would love a ride out there with you.

longboard surfing is popular at bagasbas beach

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The waves at Bagasbas are in the 1-3 metre range generally with a left and right sand break . But because the beach is facing the mighty Pacific Ocean theres normally a resonable enough swell to merit paddling on out there in the hope of catching a good one .

The best times can be had between july and january but learners and beginners can enjoy year round  but hey if the surf aint up get the skim boards out

surfing fitness

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