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Bagasbas Beach Lifeguards

Bagasbas beach lifeguards are not just local surfers who wear t shirts with life guard written on them and pose around bagasbas beach .

Ok yes most of the lifeguards are locals and most of them are surfers too . When there on life guard duty they wear the t shirt with pride , and make sure swimmers and surfers are safe .

bagasbas beach lifeguards

bagasbas beach lifeguards

Like i said earlier there not just surfers with lifeguard t shirts they are properly trained and qualified life guards . Trained to a high standard in water rescue and 1st aid .

They dont do the job for the small money they recieve per shift from the municipal goverment of Daet . They do it because they genuinely care about you and there beach .

Have you ever heard the saying once a police man always a police man its the same for lifeguards , even when there not on duty there still watching and saving people .

The Brave Bagasbas Beach Lifeguards

Unfortunately for some of the Brave Bagasbas Beach Lifeguards . They have had to go out and rescue and perform mouth to mouth and C.P.R.

Or pull dead floating people ashore , who have drowned for what ever reason and ended up at bagasbas beach .

In early 2014 there was a fishing boat tradegy late one evening . The boat was heading for mercedes but run out of fuel , it was pitch black with no moon light and strong seas .

The boat capsized in the surf and of the 7 occupants only 2 survived . A mother and her young children were on the boat at the time and sadly lost there lives .

A beach goer had heard screams and raised the alarm all the brave bagasbas beach lifeguards and surfers raced in total darkness into the water and got them onto the beach .

Mouth to mouth and cpr was given but 5 were prenounced dead on arrival at the hospital . It was extremely heart breaking for the lifeguards and surfers because there was a mother and young children involved .

Often they have gone out in bad sea conditions to rescue people and seriously indangered there own lives . Amazingly they hardly ever even get a thankyou from the people they save .

Again they dont hope or expect tips or favours from those that they have saved . All those that have been saved should be gratefull for being alive today . Without the bagasbas beach lifeguards they might not be !

A little appreciation of your / there being alive and for the good deed by the surfers and lifeguards would be nice . Either at the time they get you to safety or visit them in the future and say thanks . Small donations are always welcome !

Bagasbas Beach Lifeguards Training

The bagasbas beach lifeguards training is very tough and i was lucky enough to go along and to see for myself the week long training they must complete . There is an advanced course also which is optional but most do .

The local surfers and establishments along the beach have a rule that any surfing instructor must have also completed the training .

water rescue training course

water rescue training course

The training is provided by the municipal disaster risk reduction management office (MDRRMO) and on this occasion Don was the facilatator .

The course of learning involved both theory and practical aswell as a lot of physical excercises . Lessons started at the crack of dawn and went on into the evenings .

What was taught was later demonstrated by Don and then the attendees of the course would try and practice to perfection . This was especially true for the first aid training .

Some of the things taught were basic fist aid including bandages and splints and how to lift and carry people and how to perform mouth to mouth resucitation and C.P.R .

And there were lots of swimming and rescue techniques including swimming across the river mouth with strong currents in and out of the lagoons .

There was also swimming pool instruction at wiltan hotel which included different ways to tow a casulty , speed swimming and retrieving an object from the bottom of the pool .

They even went to the river dam and learnt and practised rapelling down the dam on a rope . And learnt how to rescue people from fast flowing rivers and floods .

The final day when every one was very tired from the weeks excercises was a 1 mile swim in the sea at Cayucyucan beach , which actually turned out to be more like a 3 mile swim .

To my surprise they all made it even a 14 year old girl managed to do it . They all enjoyed the week of training and learnt alot and myself included . They will especially remember the morning sunshine !

All the attendees got awarded certificates and came away from the course with confidence knowledge and experience and are proud to say there Bagasbas Beach Lifeguards .

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