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Apuao Islands

Apuao Islands are found off the coast of Daet Camarines Norte in the Bicol region of the Philippines . The main apuao island is called Apuao Grande and the smaller one of the two Apuao Islands is called Apuao Pequena . Also known as Siete Pecados .

Apauo Islands

Apauo Islands

Both islands are visibile from the town of Mercedes aswell as from Daet’s Bagasbas Beach . The Apuao islands are part of the Mercedes group of islands , of which there are 7 islands in this group including .

  • Canton Island
  • Caringo Island
  • Canimog Island
  • Malasugui Island
  • Quinapagihan Island

Apuao Islands – How To Get There

The only way to get to the islands is by boat mainly from the fishing port of Mercedes , and some times from Daets Bagasbas Beach weather permiting .

Most people travel to Daet first then ride a tricycle or jeepney to the town of Mercedes fishing port at either pantalan or pandawan . Travel time from Daet to Mercedes is about 20 – 40 minutes .

You can haggle with the fishing folk and expect to pay in the region of P2000 – P3500 which largely depends on the size of your group and the size of the boat needed . Travel time is approximately 45 minutes to an hour depending on boat and the weather .

Why not be cheeky and ask for free fish when haggling . Another idea is to take a local or 2 with you , if you dont know any locals just ask the surfers at bagasbas beach , they often visit the islands and have gotten to know the fishermen and boat owners .

The Bagasbas United Surfers Association ( B.U.S.A.) also own a boat and weather permitting they will happily take you . This is the best and cheapest option in my opinion for smaller groups like 6-8 people .

There boat is actually on the beach at bagasbas so the travel time is slightly longer at just over an hour . The surfers all double as surfing instructors , lifeguards and tour guides .

The good thing is your get free board rental and instruction aswell as an english speaking tour guide that knows the islands and area very well . Not to mention having some one to prepare and cook plus hike to the shop for ice etc for you !

Island hoping with the surfers is also possible as they and the boat will stay with you , just let them know your plans . Please note most boats hired from mercedes will drop you and come back later to pick you up , or charge more if you want them to wait . Additional charges will also be added if you want to visit other islands .

About The Apuao Islands

Ok about the apuao island’s history and present day . Back in the 80s Apuao Grande was a resort mostly catering to a few australians who owned the place and there friends . But due to a series of unlucky strong typhoons the resort got badly damaged and was never repaired .

There are still to this day about a dozen houses some of which are for sale for about 1.5M . Remains of the old club house and run down tennis courts and over grown golf course are still visible , and all of this is for sale also .

The 2 islands are joined by a sand bar which at very low tide can be crossed , giving you access to the smaller uninhabited Apuao Pequena . Boats can pass between the 2 into the bay at high tide .

This sheltered bay has shallow sandy warm water , idea for kids and infants to bath .The bay is also a great place to swim and snorkel . On the far side of the bay are mangrove forrests which is a great place to paddle out to on a surfboard to harvest shell fish to eat .

The whole islands are covered with Agoho Trees which are similar to Pine trees and give excellent shade from the suns rays .

The boats take you to the main Apuao Grande island next to the bay where there is an old 2 storey house and where the islands caretakers live . There is a cottage and you can hang a hammock under the shade of the trees .

There is a small fee like p100 but is well worth it as they will supply you with plates and cutlery glasses etc even there big black dog is friendly and clean .

Chances are your be the only tourists there so your have the whole place to yourself to relax or explore . The large 2 storey house right on the bay can be rented for 3000 a night for upto 15pax in 2 large rooms cowboy style , camping is also welcomed if you bring tents .

The other side of Apuao Grande Island across the old resort is a small fishing community with a store which is about a 40 minute round trip hike . But dont worry somebody will go with or for you . If you want to go alone best to just walk around the shore so you dont get lost .

All the normal things like soft drinks beer gin and ice aswell as fish for the BBQ can be bought there , making it an ideal place to enjoy friends and family .

This really is a beutiful and relaxing place with no electric except from generators and solar panels you can unwind and and destress . Or you can beach comb to collect a few nice shells or go and explore !

This Island was my first daet island experience and i thank the Bagasbas United Surfers Association ( B.U.S.A.) for taking us . Next time i vist one of Daet islands i will be heading to the Calaguas group of islands which are supposed to be breath taking .

I totally recommend you all visit the Apuao Islands before a new resort is built .

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