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If you would like to advertise on we have 2 payment options suited to locals and non locals . The first option more suited to locals is on a cash basis . Where as the second option is through an online ad broker called adsella .

Both options to advertise on are in the form of 125 x 125 banner ads , which ive explained how to make further down this page . The ad slots are in a fixed position , site wide , above the fold , at the top of each sidebar .

advertise on daetinfo

advertise on daetinfo

The first option with pay pesos in person is for the left sidebar . The second option with online payment through adsella is for the right sidebar . Just click an empty slot and follow the instructions .

Cost To Advertise On

The cost to advertise on on the left sidebar is just 200 peso for 2 weeks (15 days) or 300 Peso for 30 days (1 month) , or 2,500 peso for 1 year (365 days). The right sidebar is set at $7 for a 30 day duration .

How To Make The Ad

First you need to know how to make the ad and how to get the URL so when people click your ad they are taken to your website , facebook , instagram or what ever page you choose.

So to start you need to find or make your 125 x 125 banner ad , there are millions of ways to do this but basically you need a image preferably in the .jpg format 125 pixels wide and 125 pixels high . Search here and then modify how you want in an image editor .

Then you need the URL of the page you want them to go to when an interested person clicks on your banner ad . So go to that page and copy the address from the address bar in your browser thats the URL .

page URL to advertise on daet info

page URL to advertise on daet info

If you want your ad on the right sidebar go click an empty ad slot now . If you prefer your ad on the left side bar and pay cash continue reading .

All you need to do now is email your name and a way to contact you , the URL you want the ad to link to and attach the 125×125 jpg image . Or simply PM us on facebook.

Six Easy Steps

  • Email
  • Your Name
  • Preferred Contact Details
  • The URL
  • Attach The 125×125 jpg Image
  • Make Payment

Cash payment can be made before or after you send the email , by contacting Erwin on 09072106999 or find him at either the Bistro Cobangbang or at the Bagasbas Kite Surf Inn (opposite the lifeguard tower) .

Only sensible ads and urls will be accepted and many thanks for your interest to Advertise on .