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Daet info is for Daeteños , day trippers and tourists that want to find information about Daet and Bagasbas Beach .

And what the Capitol of Camarines Norte has to offer . More specific information can be found in the relevant categories to the left .

Here i will try to give those new to Daet a general insight . As to why the Daeteños and visitors love the place so much and why so many other Filipinos love to come and visit .

Daet 1st Rizal Monument

Daet 1st Rizal Monument

Daet 1st Rizal Monument

We do have a steady stream of foreign tourists of all Nationalities throughout the year . The main reasons for visiting are the beach and to visit family and friends .

Many travel from Manila regularly for weekends to escape the big city smoke and to enjoy the slower more relaxed way of life .

Bagasbas Beach

deserted bagasbas beach

deserted bagasbas beach

The main attraction here is the beach called Bagasbas Beach . Which is Bicol Provinces best known Surfing + Kitesurfing spot .

There are annual big cash prize Competitions that attract International and National competitors .

The sandy beach and prominade is huge and there is more than enough room for every one to enjoy what ever activity they choose .

A lot of changes have gone on here for the good of Bagasbas and the people that visit .

Every year more improvements are made like the Life Guard Tower last year and a new up market restaurant this year .

Over half of the first time visitors return again and again . Although you can generally see a couple of JOE’S (White People) .

I just hope it never gets spiolt by mass tourism that would be a shame for Bagasbas and all.

Traveling From Manila To Daet

Manila to Daet Map

Manila to Daet Map

Daet is on the main Philippine Island of Luzon in the Bicol Region in the Province of Camarines Norte .

Well basically  its 7 hours drive south from the capital city Manila . Or a 1 hour flight to Naga then 2 hours drive .

There is an airport here but sadly at this time its not being used . Acomadation is in the low to zero price range , from beach huts to hotels .

My suggestion is to start at one of the bigger hotels for a couple of nights and then decide from there .

Even the most expensive is less than $30 and all are close to the beach and city .

You dont need to worry about getting around as there is lots of different cheap modes of transport .

As for eating and drinking , well its dead cheap and delicious .

Do not worry you can still get your burgers and pizza , some even deliver so come and enjoy!!

Daet’s Famous Pinyasan Festival

Pinyasan Festival

Pinyasan Festival

All year round the city and streets and the beach are full with people celebrating , both day and night .

They are well catered for with all the stalls and street vendors selling simple cheap foods and drinks . Some of these events go on for the week .

Then each Barangay has the fiestas , which is great to bring together the neighbourhood communities .

Daet is well known for its Pinyasan Formosa Festival . Named after the delicious sweet Formosa Pineapple being the most celebrated .

This one lasts a week with parades , street stalls and nightly entertainment . For such a small place there is always something going on .

Daetenos , Daets locals

Daets Locals

Daets Locals

The peolpe here are so warm , welcoming and laid back . Throughout the Philippines Daetenos are liked and respected .

They are very proud of daet and its hieratage  of having the first Rizal monument . And of other historical places of interest .

They have the pleasures of nature all around with surf beaches , rivers , country side , National Parks and unspoilt islands just a short boat ride away .

Daet’s locals are  family orrientaded and enjoy the simple things in life but do love to party . Young and old and also at the same time together !

We look forward to seeing you here and as Daetenos would say “Mabuhay” welcome to Daet .

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